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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Fleming Farms will meet my needs?

We suggest you come visit our Information Center and see for yourself – just call to schedule an appointment. Our associates may ask a few questions to make sure we create a visit for you that is meaningful and productive. Feel free to invite anyone else who will be part of the decision-making process. Our goal is that by the end of your visit you know you have a partner to help you figure out the next best step.

Are utilities included?

Yes. Among those included are be electricity, water, sewer, expanded basic cable, pest control and trash service.

Can family and grandchildren visit?

Yes, and they are highly encouraged to do so. 

Are washers and dryers included?

Yes, Independent Living apartment homes have washers and dryers.

How does continuing care at Fleming Farms benefit me?

You have the security of knowing that as you age, you have access to services and amenities that can accommodate your changing lifestyle, preferences and needs. With access to on-site Assisted Living, Memory Care and other therapeutic and support services, you never have to worry about where you’ll go for care or who will take care of you.

Why is on-site care such an advantage?

As your care needs change, you can access Assisted Living and Memory Care services from a trusted, known source. If your spouse needs care, you won’t need to commute or change your address to be near a loved one who is receiving care.

I can still care for myself and my home. Why should I consider moving?

The best time to consider moving to a retirement community is when you’re able to make the decision for yourself, and before a health problem affects your ability to qualify for residency. It’s also when you can take full advantage of all that our community offers. Many people say they wish they had moved to a senior living community sooner. If you wait, you may miss out on many of our community’s unique amenities and activities. Of course, moving sooner means not having to care for a big house and lawn, letting go of worries about a future move and relieving your family of having to make decisions on your behalf. Most senior living residents say it’s one of the best moves they’ve ever made because of their newfound freedom, enhanced security and expanded options for activities and engagement. 

What does Fleming Farms offer that I don’t already have? 

  • More opportunity. The chance to try new things and to continue your lifelong passions. You can choose among educational and recreational activities, join special-interest clubs, attend holiday parties and community events, take exercise and wellness classes, and so much more.
  • More ways to stay involved. You’ll meet wonderful people who share your interests, and you’ll find easy ways to share your time and talents. You can join or lead any number of committees and organizations, or start one of your own.
  • Simplified living. You’ll have fast, walkable access to the essentials, like our community’s hair salon, bistro, library, pool, movie theater and more. Our associates take care of all the chores, inside and out, including housekeeping and maintenance – think of the time and effort that will save you year-round! We also provide assistance with local transportation if and when you need it.
  • A genuine sense of belonging. When you live at Fleming Farms, you will feel that you’re among friends because you are among friends – residents and associates who care about you the way they care about their own families.
  • Added security. You’ll never have to worry about who will take care of you in the future. That means ultimate peace of mind for you and your family.