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Looking Back

Some History

This land was originally settled by the Garth family in the 1800s and was known as Piedmont Farm. In 1939, the main house on the property burned to the ground. Around this time, the Flemings purchased 603 acres of the estate along what is now Whitesburg Drive, and rebuilt on the same home site. During those days, every road was gravel and cotton was selling for around six cents a pound.
Between 1940 and 1960, the Flemings expanded their homestead, adding a new room with each new child that arrived. That house featured a courtyard in which the the children would play. Later, a larger antebellum-style home was built in front of the original house, providing even more space for the Flemings and their seven children. It later came to be known as the “big house.”
Over time, the Flemings’ farm expanded to include more than 4,000 acres. They grew cotton and corn and raised cattle and sheep. The operation became so large that it included 10 tenant houses and provided the livelihood for approximately 30 sharecroppers and their families.

The property eventually served as a social gathering place where the entire community enjoyed various activities and events.

With the original barn still in place, the Fleming Farms spirit of meaningful connection lives on. This cherished Huntsville icon is now revived to flourish as a sophisticated senior living community. Blending heritage and modernity, this reimagined homestead features open living spaces with state-of-the art fixtures, furnishings and amenities.


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